EIT InnoEnergy strengthens the potential of the LNG sector by investing in Nesetten

Mar 25, 2024

Thanks to innovative technologies that allow the construction of lightweight compost containers, Nesetten has the opportunity to popularize the use of bio-LNG and liquid LNG also by individual customers and small companies. The capital contribution and the support of EIT InnoEnergy will allow the company to continue its dynamic growth

The aim of Nesetten is to increase access to bio-LNG and LNG by overcoming current infrastructure barriers and enabling the use of these sustainable fuels by individual customers and small businesses. The company's mobile cryogenic containers allow for safe storage and transportation of liquids at temperatures as low as -196°C. In the production of these containers, the use of steel and vacuum has been omitted. The distribution of bio-LNG and LNG to end customers without access to fixed infrastructures will also be facilitated through a mobile refueling station, which allows the transport of up to 450 kg of liquefied gas.

LNG (liquefied natural gas) is a low-emission fuel produced by liquefying natural gas at a temperature of -163°C. While traditional LNG is classified as a fossil fuel, bio-LNG is a renewable source of energy. It is obtained through the upgrading and liquefaction of biogas, mainly derived from the fermentation of organic waste. Due to the need for access to fixed infrastructures, as well as current limitations in the transport and storage of this type of fuel, bio-LNG and LNG are primarily used in the industry by entities operating on a large scale.

"At InnoEnergy, we invest in innovative companies and solutions in the early stages of their growth. We believe that access to capital, unique knowledge, and an ecosystem of over 1,200 partners provide the teams we collaborate with virtually unlimited development opportunities in the green energy sector and clean technologies. We welcome another company from Central Europe to our portfolio, with which we seek to strengthen the potential of bio-LNG and LNG, a sector that is of great importance in our region," says Marcin Wasilewski, CEO of EIT InnoEnergy in Central Europe.

Nesetten has also created a scalable and self-sufficient energy station for thermal and electrical supply, aimed, for example, at offices or small production plants. The tested prototype integrates a fuel cell into the electrical power system. "At Nesetten, we have initiated collaboration with strategic partners from India, Poland, the USA, and Nigeria. Based on the ongoing certification process, we are developing an innovative production line that will ensure not only the highest quality of products but also the ability to flexibly respond to market needs. We plan to launch sales by the end of 2024. I believe that the investment round, which will open in the third quarter of 2024, will help us achieve these goals," adds Paweł Warszycki, CEO of Nesetten.