Annual report on R&D activities and indicators

We are working on the 2023 Report.

You can already consult the interactive graphics of the 2023 indicators:



2023 Income

General admissions for R&D activities in 2023.

2023 expenses

Expenses generated by RDI activities in 2023. Coordinated project transfers are excluded in which the money enters and leaves the UPC to distribute among the partners, but they do not involve any expense

RDI Web - Users and Views

Evolution of the number of users and views received by the website during the period 2018-2023

Number of projects

Number of RDI projects, by typology, that have generated income for the UPC during the year 2023


Annual evolution of Spanish, international and PCT patents


Evolution of royalty income for third-party and spin-off licenses (in thousands of euros)


Evolution of contracted licenses

Mobilised investment

Evolution of capital mobilisation for EBTs in the form of investment, convertible credits and grants (in M of €)

Income evolution (by UTGs)

Evolution of income generated by R&D activities in each Transversal Management Unit (UTG) between 2018 and 2023

National calls: Applications (for calls)

National projects requested or granted in 2023 (some calls are pending resolution, marked with an asterisk, and some were requested in previous years but have been resolved in 2023)

European Patents

Evolution of patents granted to the European Patent Office (EPO)