R&D training

The UPC's specialised services and units provide its researchers and doctoral students with a series of training activities that enhance the skills and non-scientific competencies of research staff. These short-term training sessions aim to improve the employability of doctoral students and provide research staff with resources that can help enhance their research activities.

If you can't find what you're looking for, the UPC Institute of Education Sciences offers you the opportunity to propose your needs.

Educational offer


Continuing education

The educational offer of the Institute of Education Sciences includes areas of special interest.

  • Training for teaching: innovation and teaching communication, social skills of the university teacher, etc.
  • Training for research and transfer of results: methodologies for research, information processing, technical report writing, etc.
  • University extension: gender, inclusive language, suicide prevention, etc.

Librarie Service

The library service organises courses on tools for managing bibliography (Mendeley), resources for doctoral thesis writing, publication and research evaluation, information searches, databases and many other useful research tools. You will also find support for the preparation of the research data management plan and for patent searching.

Finally, the Librearies Service offers the possibility of organising tailor-made courses with a minimum of five participants.



The UPC's Languages and Terminology Service offers a comprehensive catalogue of training modules not just in language resources but also in communication skills such as public speaking, tools and resources for correcting and automatically translating texts, oral and written scientific communication, inclusive and non-sexist language, etc.

The SLT also has a cultural and language reception programme for new researchers, with mentoring programmes and courses to facilitate adaptation.



Access a bank of resources on gender equality in research that includes:

  • Checklist
  • External guides
  • Training aimed at professors introducing the gender perspective.
  • Exhibition: "Integrating gender perspective into research and innovation content"
  • Videos on the  gender perspective in various R&D areas

European Project Management

The UPC International Projects Unit offers the possibility of providing tailor-made courses in the field of European funding programmes for R&D.

Courses are organised periodically with the support of the Institute of Education Sciences that are included in its general continuing education offer.


Doctoral School

In accordance with the regulation of official doctoral studies, these must include the acquisition of skills and competencies related to quality scientific research. This is why the Doctoral School manages the Cross-Disciplinary Training Plan in collaboration with different university units.


Market transfer

The Innovation Management Service periodically offers training aimed at faculty, in the form of training capsules on different aspects of protection and commercialisation of results, organised jointly with the Libraries Service and the ICE.

It also offers the possibility of organising courses with external trainers aimed at doctoral training networks (MSCA-ITN) in competencies relevant to them.


UPC Alumni

The Professional Careers Service provides the advice and tools necessary to support the job search process and career path through group or individual orientation activities.


Citizen science

The UPC Citizen Science Portal offers a selection of technical resources for the creation, management, and communication of citizen science projects.