Twelve of the collaborating cities of EIT Urban Mobility will lead the climate neutrality initiative

Mar 25, 2024

The NetZeroCities project has announced 26 additional pilot cities to test new rapid decarbonization strategies over a two-year program

A total of 79 pilot cities, including Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, are leading the implementation of innovative approaches to address their unique climate challenges. The initiative adopts a diversified and personalized strategy, recognizing local particularities in their activities of systematic transformation. At the end of the pilot period, a comprehensive set of climate mitigation solutions will be identified, ready for implementation, scaling, or replication.

NetZeroCities Project: Cities for Climate Neutrality

Although cities occupy only 4% of the EU territory, they host 75% of EU citizens, making them key actors in achieving Europe's ambitious emission reduction goals. The NetZeroCities project, with a duration of six years, supports the EU mission of "100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030", empowering cities to lead decarbonization efforts. The project develops and promotes tools, resources, and knowledge exchanges focusing on CO2-emitting urban systems. Dedicated services and pilot programs facilitate learning on climate neutrality at the local level, with a twinning program promoting peer learning among cities.

Announcement of the Second Group of NetZeroCities Pilot Cities

The NetZeroCities project has just announced the second group of pilot cities, consisting of two cities that will work individually or collaboratively to test innovative approaches for rapid decarbonization. With a dedicated fund of 15 million euros, this group aims to transform cities through initiatives including building electrification, citizen participation in climate action, and innovative governance systems. Leading cities of EIT Urban Mobility such as Riga, Dublin, and Bucharest actively participate in this initiative, testing new approaches through 22 pilot activities.

Call Open for the Third Group of Pilot Cities

In a continued effort to expand the climate impact of the project, NetZeroCities has opened the call for the third group of pilot cities until March 18, 2024. Cities that are not yet part of the pilot cities program are encouraged to join this pioneering effort, testing and implementing innovative approaches across various urban systems, contributing to climate neutrality.

The efforts of EIT Urban Mobility in NetZeroCities reflect their mission to create positive change for people and the planet, building greener and more resilient European cities.