Impuls UPC - Entreprenurial Talent 2024

Promoted by the UPC's Vice-Rectorate for Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, it aims to recognize students from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) for their contribution to the development of entrepreneurial projects and initiatives within the university.


Apr 29, 2024 to Jun 16, 2024 (Europe/Madrid / UTC200)

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UPC Boost – Entrepreneurial Talent 2024

Targeted at

UPC Students




Until 16/06/2024

I. Objective

  • Recognize a total of 10 projects from entrepreneurial students linked to a specific entrepreneurship support initiative at UPC, with the aim of helping to finance initial expenses in the process of identifying a business opportunity.

II. Characteristics

    • Beneficiaries: Undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students at UPC in the academic year 2022-2023 and/or 2023-2024 who are developing an entrepreneurial project (without having legally constituted the company) linked to a UPC entrepreneurship support initiative, for example:
      • Emprèn UPC Program
      • Business creation (innovation) subjects and/or project subjects
      • Explorer Contest
      • From Science to Market | Industrial Tech Programs
      • Others
    • Grant funding:
      • The maximum amount allocated to this call for the 2024 edition will be €30,000 charged to budget item G/48312/ESP.
      • The maximum amount granted to each entrepreneurial project will be €3,000
    • Evaluation criteria for proposals:
      • Grants will be awarded through competitive bidding and until the total number of grants allocated for each category is exhausted
      • The assessment criteria and scales applied will not be discriminatory and will respect the principle of equality
      • Proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:
        • (1) Problem - Solution (15 points) 
          • Identification of the problem to be solved or the need addressed by the solution
          •  Associated value proposition: differentiation from the competition
          •  Innovative character (own developments will be especially considered)
          •  Relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
        • (2) Impact (15 points)
          • Market segmentation (identification of the target user – client)
          • Social and/or environmental impact associated with the project
        • (3) Viability (15 points)
          • Description of the business model
          • Main risks associated with the project
        • (4) Team (15 points)
          • Knowledge and experience of the entrepreneurial team
          • Complementarity of profiles
          • Dedication and ambition (continuity perspective)
        • (5) Milestones achieved (20 points) 
          • Preliminary validation: problem-solution fit and product-market fit.
          • Description of prototype or proof of concept carried out.
          • Roadmap: next steps.
        • (6) Relationship with UPC (10 points)
          • Proportion of UPC students and/or alumni and/or faculty linked to the project
          • Participation in UPC entrepreneurship support initiatives
        • (7) Purpose of the grant (10 points) 
          • Concepts to be financed
          • Motivation
      • Different proposals will be prioritized based on the score obtained according to the criteria established above. In case of a tie, the scores obtained in the "Relationship with UPC" criterion will be specifically evaluated

    III. Submission of applications

    • Deadline: June 16, 2024
    • Who: UPC students
    • How: by filling out a form through the website  Emprèn  and  Santander X


    Remember to contact the technical staff of national projects of your USR/Campus.(open in a new window)