Marketable Technology



Electronic cardioarteriograph

An easy-to-use affordable device to measure several cardiovascular parameters from unsupervised measurements easily obtained at hands, feet or both. Ref: MKT2021/0186_H

Plasma-Treated Hydrogel Compositions and Uses Thereof

A new composition comprising a polymer aqueous solution, a bioceramic material and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) and its use for the treatment of bone cancer and/or bone tissue regeneration. Ref: MKT2021/0184_H

BioAdd: waterborne adhesive from biowaste

Adhesive containing biobased side streams from food, paper, and/ or textile industries, produced through a fast and environmentally friendly process avoiding the use of toxic reagents or solvents, and which adhesive properties can be easily customised for uses with different materials. Ref: MKT2021/0183_C

Nanoenabled Hydrogels for Advanced Skin Care : SKinGEL

A new method for in situ self-assembling of NPs with phenolic-shell and biopolymers with nucleophilic groups into multifunctional nanocomposite hydrogel for enhancing wound closure and tissue recovery (Skingel). Ref: MKT2021/0182_H

Lightweight Neutron Dosimeter

A lightweight cylindrical neutron dosimeter, of the Anderson-Brown type, able to work in continuous, quasi-continuous and pulsed neutron fields. Ref: MKT2021/0179_G

Multilingual Translator

A training method for multilingual neural machine translation systems that is efficiently extendable to new languages and data modalities. Ref: MKT2021/0177_I

Food composition based on babassu

A gluten-free food composition comprising extruded babassu flour. Alternative and novel material, which possesses future commercial potential from those of conventionally used packaging forms used by the food industry and for direct consumption. Ref: MKT2019/0172_C

Handover System and Method for 4G/5G Networks

An innovative handover signaling method, that utilizes the Software Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm, parallel information transfer and elimination of duplicate information to reduce the signaling overhead during the handover preparation and rejection phases, which are critical for an efficient handover. Ref: MKT2019/0170_I

Axial-Flux switched reluctance machine

The present invention relates to an axial flux switched reluctance machine, comprising at least a stator with poles distributed along a first circumferential path on a plane with electromagnet coils wound on at least some of the stator poles. Ref: MKT2019/0166_G

New bio-based insulation material from vegetal pith and natural binders

Partners to further develop the system through technical cooperation are sought. The areas of developing are: performance improvement: use of other bio-based binders and additives, material applications (construction systems, renders, etc.) and manufacture at commercial scale. Ref: MKT2015/0156_B

A sea wave detector for improved autopilot systems

A new method for processing the signal from a speed log meter enables rapid and cost-effective wave detection, which in turn improves autopilot performance and provides safer operation in rough seas. Ref: MKT2011/0056_D

Application of technology to special transport

Information system for the optimisation of transport for people with reduced mobility in individual and collective public services, and on-demand public transport management. Ref: MKT2022/0188_A

Innovative container that optimises waste discharge

A new, safer and more efficient system for the manufacture of waste containers has been patented that allows positive control of both the opening and closing of the door without the mechanisms interfering with the waste content itself. Ref: MKT2010/0019_F