All calls for research and innovation



UPC 2024 Congresses

The deadline for submitting applications for the organization and promotion of conferences developed by the UPC's PDI is open. Deadline: until 30/04/2024


Approved the criteria for the distribution and allocation of grants for the valorisation of projects in early stages of technological maturity [CEC/2024/1/25 Agreement]

UPC networks and consortia 2024

Approved the fourth call for financing for the UPC's participation fee in national and international networks and consortia corresponding to the year 2024. Deadline: until 05/25/2024


Addressed to active assistant professors who carry out their research full-time within the scope of an academic unit at the UPC.


Grant to promote the activity of UPC research groups recognized in the SGR-Cat call.

Impuls UPC - Startups 2024

Promoted by the Vice-Rectorate of Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of UPC, it aims to recognize technology-based companies created during the last 3 years (2022, 2023 and 2024) by students, alumni, PDI and/or PTGAS of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) for its contribution to the economic and social development of the territory.

Impuls UPC - Entreprenurial Talent 2024

Promoted by the UPC's Vice-Rectorate for Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, it aims to recognize students from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) for their contribution to the development of entrepreneurial projects and initiatives within the university.

Burdinola research awards

The 21st Edition of the Burdinola Research Awards in the field of new therapeutic strategies, active principles, and molecular targets in medicine is now open. Deadline is until 07/06/2024.